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Download of the Oldenbug Logatom Corpus (OLLO)

The Oldenburg Logatome Corpus is a multi-lingual speech database, which was built within the research project DIVINES (Diagnostic and Intrinsic Variabilities in Natural Speech) supported by the European Commission (FP6-002034). One of the aims of this project is the comparison of human and automatic speech recognition. The OLLO corpus is specifically designed for this task and consists of CVC (consonant vowel consonant) and VCV (vowel consonant vowel) logatomes (total 150 different logatomes) with the same initial and final character.

The corpus is composed of read speech from 50 speakers (40 German and 10 French speakers) including speaker dependent and speaker independent speech variabilities. These include regional dialect, gender, age as well as speaking rate (fast, normal, slow), speaking effort (soft, normal, raised), and speaking style (statement, question). The database was presented on the Interspeech conference 2005; the paper can be downloaded here.

On this website, you can download a description of the OLLO corpus and the database itself. Each package contains recordings from all speakers from a dialect region.

Important notice: The OLLO speech database is subject of further development and enhancement. We recommend that you sign up for our OLLO newsletter, so we can inform you about updated versions and improvements concerning the corpus. In order to sign up, just click the following link and enter your mail address as message text: Sign up for OLLO newsletter (please replace _AT_ in the mail address with @). A version history can be found here.

Copyright notice: Permission to use this database for purely research or educational
purposes is granted. No commercial exploitation of this database is permitted unless permission has been obtained separately from UNIVERSITAET OLDENBURG (contact adress: medi-ollo_AT_listserv.uni-oldenburg.de). Copyright 2005, Medizinische Physik, Universitaet Oldenburg, Germany. All rights reserved.

OLLO2.0_README.ZIP Corpus description (6 kB)
OLLO2.0_NO.ZIP Audio data package 1/5: German speakers (1 - 10), no dialect (846 MB)
OLLO2.0_EF.ZIP Audio data package 2/5: German speakers 11 - 20, East Frisian dialect (898 MB)
OLLO2.0_BV.ZIP Audio data package 3/5: German speakers 21 - 30, Bavarian dialect (824 MB)
OLLO2.0_EP.ZIP Audio data package 4/5: German speakers 31 - 40, Eastphalian dialect (905 MB)
OLLO2.0_FR.ZIP Audio data package 5/5: French speakers 41 - 50 (1128 MB)
Two different suggestions on how the OLLO corpus can be divided in train- and test set (e.g. to evaluate the performance of different ASR systems by using the same training and testlists).
OLLO2.0_LABELS.ZIP The OLLO corpus was phonetically time-labeled, i.e., temporal positions of phoneme boundaries have been determined automatically for each utterance, making it suitable for tasks such as training of phoneme recognizers (31 MB).
OLLO2.0_CALIBRATION.ZIP Calibration sound files and normalization constants for all audio files, which can be used to determine the original recording level (8 MB)


"Oldenburg Logatome Speech Corpus (OLLO) for Speech Recognition Experiments with Humans and Machines", Thorsten Wesker, Bernd Meyer, Kirsten Wagener, Jörn Anemüller, Alfred Mertins, Birger Kollmeier. Interspeech 2005. 4-8 September 2005, Lisbon, Portugal. [pdf, 208 kB]


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